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We are scientists, communicators, accountants, researchers, administrators, lawyers, statisticians and project managers. We work together across functions and locations to achieve our common goals. Read the profiles below to gain an insider’s perspective on what it’s really like to work at Genmab.

Mina Chenani

Mina Chenani

Principal Research Associate
Biochemical Analysis Department
Joined Genmab in 2002

I started at Genmab 10 years ago because I needed work and, to be honest, because the company was situated nearby my house. However, after a few weeks I understood what Genmab was doing - producing medicines to treat cancer - and then my interest in what I was doing was raised. I started to see my work and that of my colleagues from another, very motivating point of view.

Today, my work consists mainly the daily operations of the batch release process (production, purification, characterizing and release of antibodies). I coordinate and plan all daily work in the Biochemical Analysis Department. As a team, we are responsible for antibody characterization and test the antibodies on concentration, purity and molecular size.

Everyone at Genmab works hard and as a team. This results in the implementation of important and useful techniques in a very short time. I also get a lot of energy and support from my colleagues. Genmab believes employee development is important and I like the ability to grow and to make myself stronger both in terms of my personal development and my scientific experience and skills.