Research & Innovation

Using our antibody expertise to transform how cancer is treated

As a leader in the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics, we are inspired by nature, passionate about innovation and driven by data. Our commitment to patients pushes us to use our antibody biology expertise to pursue and produce differentiated, next-generation cancer treatments.

Our research and innovation teams consist of a strong antibody discovery engine connecting our antibody platform technologies with our target and disease biology knowledge. This synergy is the lifeblood of our R&D organization, where our creations enter clinical development.

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Data Science

Using data science to uncover deeper insights

Increasingly, data are transforming our understanding of diseases. This is especially true in cancer.

We have invested in robust data science capabilities to enable rapid data-driven decision making as we advance our products through all stages of development. Integration of disparate data sets from clinical and pre-clinical studies is a major guiding principle that is allowing us to extract novel insights regarding targets, investigational products, indications and patient biomarkers.

Data science is tightly embedded in the Genmab community to help:

  • Democratize access to integrated data across the organization by providing stakeholders such as laboratory researchers and clinicians with intuitive views to complex data sets and analytics
  • Identify novel disease targets by canvassing private and public clinical and pre-clinical data
  • Identify clinical biomarker candidates and biological insights in real time during the conduct of clinical trials
  • Scale and automate the derivation of novel discoveries by leveraging advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence

We are committed to improving the lives of cancer patients. Watch a video on how we are leveraging strategic partnership and real-world data to design novel therapies which have the potential to transform cancer treatment.

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