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Genmab Global Medical Affairs plays a key role in the creation and dissemination of data to support the value of our products for all our stakeholders. Our goal is to ensure the safe and appropriate use of our investigational products.

Taking an ethical and transparent approach, we ensure we are acting in the best interest of patients and helping to bridge the gap between clinical development and delivery.

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Fulfilling our vision through medical education grants and scientific sponsorships

At Genmab, we have a vision—to create products that will transform cancer treatments by 2025, with a pipeline of remarkable, differentiated antibody therapeutics to help fulfill that vision.

As part of our commitment to advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes, Genmab regularly supports a variety of medical education, fellowship and corporate funding (e.g., sponsorships, exhibits, corporate memberships and advocacy) activities by third parties.

Our areas of interest include:

  • Gynecologic cancer
  • Hematologic cancer
  • Respiratory cancer
  • Head & neck cancer
  • Gastrointestinal cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Genitourinary cancer
  • Solid tumors (general)
  • Pre-clinical oncology-related research

We will not consider:

  • Requests received less than 60 days prior to the activity start date
  • Requests to support activities with a limited scientific and educational focus
  • Requests that are incomplete or do not include required information for evaluation
  • Requests that benefit Genmab employees directly
    • Requests for medical education grants and corporate funding, either directly or indirectly to a healthcare provider, patient or other individual
  • Requests that come from an organization that did not pass a debarment check
  • Requests for political contributions, fee-for-service agreements or sponsoring individual investigators to attend meetings or other promotional programs (if permissible under local regulations)

If interested in submitting requests for charitable donations or sponsorship of charitable events click here.

Use our portal for grant submissions and inquiries.

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Medical Education Grant Requests

Medical Education Grant Requests should contain the following information:

  • Disclosure of accredited versus non-accredited medical education program or fellowship
  • Program title
  • Therapeutic area
  • Program start and end date (if applicable, for enduring programs)
  • Audience description
  • Outcomes measures/plans
    • Outcomes per Moore’s Criteria
    • Disclosure of amount of credits awarded for CME programs
  • Accrediting bodies (if accredited program)
  • Geographic reach
  • Program description
  • Learning objectives
  • Needs assessment
  • Recruitment plans
  • Disclosure and description of transfer of value
  • Detailed description of requested budget versus total program budget
    • Payment information (tax forms, etc.)

Scientific Sponsorships & Other Corporate Funding Requests

Corporate funding requests should contain the following information:

  • Program title
  • Sponsorship type (i.e., corporate membership, sponsorship)
  • Sponsorship objective
  • Therapeutic objective
  • Geographic reach
  • Disclosure of organization’s relationship with Genmab (i.e., Genmab employee on leadership board, etc.)
  • Audience
  • Program start and end date
  • Amount requested
    • Payment information (tax forms, etc.)
  • Tangible benefits associated with funding request

Please note, the application process for medical education grants, scientific sponsorships and other corporate funding requests is competitive in nature and final decision will be based on allocated budget.

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