Our approach

Partnerships are crucial to Genmab’s success. We already have numerous product and technology-based collaborations with many different kinds of partners, from academic centers, to small biotechs, biopharma and blue chip pharmaceutical companies.

We are focused on in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities.

We are interested in accessing technologies that will further Genmab’s core objective to develop innovative antibody therapeutics. In addition, we would also consider in-licensing of antibody-based product opportunities in our focus area, cancer.

When considering out-licensing opportunities for our proprietary technologies and for collaborations around our antibody creation and development capabilities, we consider any disease areas where antibody based therapies may be useful. This could include cancer, autoimmune, inflammation, central nervous system or infectious disease. We are particularly interested in forming product discovery collaborations in which we provide our R&D capabilities to identify new antibody products that might then be further developed by a strategic partner.

During clinical development of our own pipeline of proprietary antibody products, we typically identify potential partners for licensing and/or co-development agreements that will enable the full commercial potential of these products to be realized.