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We are scientists, communicators, accountants, researchers, administrators, lawyers, statisticians and project managers. We work together across functions and locations to achieve our common goals. Read the profiles below to gain an insider’s perspective on what it’s really like to work at Genmab.

Rob de Jong

Rob de Jong

Assistant Director, CMC Research and Protein Chemistry
Cell & Molecular Science Department
Joined Genmab in 2007

Since childhood I have dreamed about creating medicines for human health. After completing master’s and doctoral degrees, I started looking for a company where I could combine my love for protein research with applications in human health, to try to realize my dream. When I saw a job opening at Genmab, I applied, as Genmab had proven its ability to convert laboratory ideas into products that benefited cancer patients.

My work mainly takes place in the R&D department of Cell & Molecular Science. We develop the tools used to identify antibodies that bind to disease targets and produce the panels of antibodies from which product candidates are selected. We also contribute to the development of alternative therapeutic antibody formats like the DuoBody platform.

Genmab is a dynamic working environment, where innovative ideas can be implemented at short notice, because decision makers and their staff are in close contact. The atmosphere is informal, but with a clear focus on the company objective: to bring new drugs to patients. The one factor that stands out however, is teamwork. At Genmab’s R&D facility, our group of scientists has the complementing skills that are needed for drug discovery. We need each other to develop successful products and we love doing it together. It is the ability to experience the whole journey from solid science to great products that makes this such a fascinating workplace.