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We are scientists, communicators, accountants, researchers, administrators, lawyers, statisticians and project managers. We work together across functions and locations to achieve our common goals. Read the profiles below to gain an insider’s perspective on what it’s really like to work at Genmab.

Rikke Glahn Ren

Rikke Glahn Ren

Director, Corporate Drug Safety
Corporate Drug Safety Department
Joined Genmab in 2001

Genmab’s commitment to developing antibody therapeutics against cancers which address unmet medical needs makes so much sense to me and I felt lucky that Genmab chose me to work in Corporate Drug Safety. Part of my job is to monitor safety data from patients being treated in our clinical trials. We work hard to ensure high quality safety data handling, including both monitoring safety data in-house and also managing external parties involved in our safety procedures.

At Genmab the environment is high-spirited with lots of energy, flexibility and passion. We have a lot to do, we are very dedicated to our work, but we laugh a lot too, which is essential when you are busy. Genmab employees are fortunate to be equipped with a splendid sense of humor. We’re like a big family where we help each other out and give support when needed. We are dependent on one another as a team to succeed.

The best things about working at Genmab are the dynamic atmosphere, interaction with my colleagues, and the fact that there is never a dull moment. It’s satisfying when we succeed, like when ofatumumab was launched for patients in both the EU and US. You have a say in each and every procedure that you set up, and that is probably the greatest of it all – that you are being heard.