Genmab has more than 20 active in-house and parntered pre-clinical programs. Our pre-clinical pipeline includes naked antibodies, bispecific antibodies developed using our DuoBody® technology, immune effector function enhanced antibodies developed with our HexaBody® technology and Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADC). Genmab is committed to innovation and therefore investigates new ways of creating and improving antibody therapeutics. A number of our pre-clinical programs are carried out under cooperation with our collaboration partners.

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Genmab is working on a number of pre-clinical projects, including three under a collaboration with H. Lundbeck A/S and several under collaborations with Janssen Biotech and Novartis, among others.

Genmab is creating novel human antibodies to three central nervous system (CNS) targets identified by Lundbeck. Under the collaboration Lundbeck will have access to Genmab’s antibody creation and development capabilities, including our fully automated pre-clinical antibody screening and characterization capabilities and proprietary stabilized IgG4 and UniBody therapeutic antibody platforms.

A number of bispecific antibodies created using our DuoBody® technology are in pre-clinical development with collaboration partners.  Our DuoBody collaboration with Janssen Biotech includes up to a total of 20 bispecific antibody programs and our collaboration with Novartis includes up to two bispecific antibody programs. We also have research collaborations for DuoBody programs with several other companies.

AMG 714, an antibody targeting IL-15, which was created by Genmab under a collaboration with Amgen has been outlicensed by Amgen to Celimmune, LLC.  Celimmune plans to initiate studies of AMG 714 in celiac disease.

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