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Apply for an Open Innovation Grant from Genmab

Genmab invites academic researchers on a regular basis to submit proposals for research grants related to innovative uses of bispecific antibodies as therapeutics (the deadline for the most recent call for proposals was May 1, 2015).

Please keep checking our website to find out about future call for proposals.

In the meantime, when you are seeking collaboration on innovative ideas about the use of bispecific antibodies, you can contact us at
Please read the following papers for more information on the DuoBody technology and open innovation:
Labrijn et al, PNAS 2013 (DuoBody technology)
Labrijn et al. Nature Protocols 2014 (Protocol)
Gramer et al, mAbs 2013 (Bioreactor process)
Vink et al, Methods 2014 (Transient antibody expression)
Schuurman et al, mAbs 2014 (Perspective on Open Innovation)