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Access to the DuoBody technology for academic research

We encourage the use of Genmab’s DuoBody technology for academic research and can provide support for the generation of bispecific antibodies with this technology upon acceptance of terms and conditions of use. The DuoBody technology provides a versatile approach for the generation of bispecific antibodies for research.

Protocols are described in:
-Labrijn et al, PNAS 2013 (Duobody technology)
-Labrijn et al. Nature Protocols 2014 (Protocol)
-Gramer et al, mAbs 2013 (Bioreactor process)
-Vink et al, Methods 2014 (Transient antibody expression)

If you would like to receive support to begin working with the technology, or need help with certain steps during the process, you can contact us. Fill in the form below if you need help with, or have questions regarding the preparation of expression vectors, antibody expression, purification or the controlled Fab-arm exchange process. One of our expert scientists will provide you with advice within 5 business days¹.

You can also indicate in the ‘Question’ box that you only wish to obtain an academic research license now, which gives you the opportunity to ask technical questions at any time later1.
 ¹ within the terms and conditions stipulated

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A limited time research license to DuoBody® technology for academic use and related technical support by Genmab is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions below ("Terms"). By accessing, using or obtaining any information through the technical support feature for Academics, you agree to be bound by these Terms. You have to indicate you agree by ticking the box in this field (read and scroll down to the bottom):

Terms and Condition

General terms for academic research use of the DuoBody® technology (the "Terms")
By accepting these Terms, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth therein, and you declare that you are authorized to act on behalf of and bind the institution where you are employed, if any, to such terms and conditions.
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