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New publication: native heavy-light chain pairing preserved using the DuoBody technology

04 October 2017
The DuoBody technology is an easy-to-use method for the generation of therapeutic human IgG1 bispecific antibodies (bsAb). We developed a method that facilitates the detailed characterization of disulfide-bridged peptides by mass spectrometry to assess if the bispecific antibody end-product contains the native heavy-light chain pairs. Various intrinsic biophysical properties of Fab-arms were included in the panel, to assess the impact of these attributes on potential light chain swapping in the formation of the bispecific antibodies. Our recent publication by van den Bremer et al. in Analytical Chemistry unambiguously demonstrates that the native antibody heavy-light chain interactions are preserved in the creation of novel bispecific antibodies when using the DuoBody technology.